• Dual Credit Courses


    College of Southern Idaho Courses: 

    Students enrolled in full year dual credit courses must register at CSI by February 22 to get a student identification number. Once students register for the course as dual credit they will not be able to drop the dual credit course designation without a WF on their CSI college transcript. If a student fails or withdraws from the course, that student is responsible for payment to CSI as advanced opportunities will not cover that expense. Students wanting to take a course for dual credit with advanced opportunity funding will have an opportunity to access the advanced opportunity portal in their classroom or through this link: Advanced Opportunity                                      

    Medical Terminology (Jennnifer Rose) - ALLH 101 Med Terminology 2 Credits                                              

    Certified Nursing Assistant (Jennifer Rose) - ALLH 102 CNA  3 Credits           

    Financial Planning Economics (Petzke, William) - FINA 102 Personal Finance 3 Credits

    College Algebra (Stimac, Jaymie) - MATH 143 College Algebra 3 Credits

    Pre-Calculus (Stouffer, Doug) - MATH 147 Precalculus 5 Credits

    Business Comp Apps (Hoskins, Lisa) - BUSA 215 Information Science/ Data Management 3 Credits


    College of Western Idaho Courses:

    Chemistry (Phillips, Matt and Collier, George) - CHEM 101 Introduction to Chemistry 4 Credits

    English 101 (Gilmore, Summer and Thomas, John) - ENGL 101 English Composition 3 Credits

    English 175 (Gilmore, Summer and Thomas, John) - ENGL 175 Literature Appreciation 3 Credits


    University of Idaho Courses:

    Computational Thinking and Problem Solving (Bornhoft Duncan, Becky) - CS112 3 Credits