• WRHS Community Service

    Community service refers to a service that a person performs for the benefit of his or her local community. The purpose of community service is to instill an awareness of the multiple needs of the community, a sense of moral obligation to help those less fortunate, and the desire to make the community a better place in which to live. 

    Remember that you represent your school when you are out in the community. Your actions are a reflection of you and your school. 

    Community Service Parameters

    Community service must be free of personal gain or compensation, and/or repayment of debt. It is not work completed for family or relatives or something you are already obligated to do (i.e. drama performance, dance recital, etc.). Community service will be approved or denied on an individual basis. Please fill out the Community Service Pre-Approval Form prior to completing any Community Service hours.

    Turn completed forms in to the front office.


    Types of Service

    Community Service

    Club Service

    Please refer to the ‘Pre-Approved Community Service Organizations list. If you have a community service opportunity not on the list, students must first complete the ‘Pre-Approval Form for Community Service’ and obtain the necessary signatures..

    All community service must follow the parameters outlined above.

    Club Service Ideas

    • Event set up and take down
    • Athletic events – working gate, concessions, clean up
    • Lunch buddies with SPED students
    • Serving lunch
    • Tutoring peers
    • Recycling
    • Helping other schools in the district
    • Bookroom
    • Library

    School service hours are for something benefitting the entire school or community. Individual department work does not count towards school service hours.

    School clubs may have more specific guidelines for their community service requirements. Please make sure you follow club guidelines for community service when logging hours for the club.



    Please click here to print the Community Service Form

    Community Service Form