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  • What is PowerSchool?

    PowerSchool is the Blaine County School District K-12 information management system that houses and organizes student data and information. PowerSchool manages anything from lunch fees to attendance to parent contact information. As a parent, PowerSchool is a powerful tool that gives you real-time updates on attendance grades, and fees. You can also utilize this platform to sign school-related documents and communicate with staff about important issues related to your child. Scan the code below to get started. Click here for more information regarding PowerSchool Parent Account Setup.



    PowerSchool Parent Notification Set Up

    Click here to learn how to sign up to receive text messages from School Messenger

    Click here to learn how to add money to your student's lunch account


    What is Schoology?

    Schoology is Blaine County School District's learning management system (LMS). Schoology was selected by a committee of Wood River High School teachers and administrators as a tool to provide more feedback to students, parents, and support staff about students’ progress in their courses. All course materials, calendars, assignments, due dates, and grades will be located in Schoology.

    Parent Access to Schoology Instructions

    Additional information on Schoology can be found here