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    Social Studies

    6th grade

    Wood River Middle School Social Studies Grade 6 course covers the geography, history, government, citizenship, economics, and current events of the Western Hemisphere.   Students will learn and apply research, decision-making, interpersonal, and critical thinking skills.

    Unit Title



    Geography: map skills & 5 themes

    Learning about people, places and environments will lead to a deeper understanding of our world.

    • Mapping Labs
    • Create Google Drawing illustrating and applying the 5 themes of geography to the chosen country.  

    Economies and Governments

    Different governments and economic systems affect societies around the world

    • Participate in economic simulations.
    • Make an illustrated mini-book including vocabulary and descriptions of different forms of governments


    Our neighbors to the north can teach us that being open-minded and multicultural helps a country to thrive.

    • Provincial and territorial research paper
    • Design a political map with territories, provinces, and capitals.

    Early Civilizations

    Organization and distribution

    of power can affect how societies grow and change.

    • Create a presentation comparing two early civilizations and orally present.
    • Aztec flag project


    Different perspectives can cause conflict and hinder equity.

    • Analyze social injustices through reading "Esperanza Rising" and watching Cesar Chavez documentary.
    • Analyze Mexico’s murals as art form and way to communicate history.

    Central America and the Caribbean Islands

    Learning about different cultures will help students be open-minded and appreciate differences.

    • Create a postcard describing the culture of a country

    Textbook & Website:


    • TCI Geography Alive! Regions and People


    •  Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan


    • Fatty Legs by Margaret Pokiak-Fenton




    Anything not done during class time will be homework.  Points might be taken off for turning in late.


    Supplies needed for class:  

    • looseleaf paper, pencil, colored correcting pen, a highlighter
    • a folder designated to Social Studies and labeled as such
    • color pencils and/or markers
    • Agenda at all times


    If a student is absent:

    • Always have parents request a “pre-excuse” from the office if you know you will be absent more than two days.
    • Check Google Classroom
    • Check the board and write in agenda
    • Ask classmates and at the end check with me before class starts (before school, during lunch, and after school works perfectly)

    Evaluation & Grading:

    Classwork 25%

    Projects 35%

    Assessments 40%


    Extra Credit:

    Extra credit is offered each semester. Students are at an age where they need to start understanding that they are part of a community and can make a difference.  They are  to do community service for local non-profit organizations. Students must bring a signed note from the organization with a brief description of service performed, time worked, and it must be signed by the person in charge (preferably not a parent).


    Students should strive to develop the following character traits:

      Inquirers       Knowledgeable         Thinkers        Communicators         Principled

    Open-minded           Caring              Risk-takers          Balanced Reflective

    ****Feed your brain by reading every night!  Don’t leave it hungry!****