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    STEAM Education at Ernest Hemingway STEAM School


    STEAM is a philosophy of teaching and learning

    Science is a way of finding evidence to support answers to questions

    Technology is any tool used to solve a problem

    Engineering is a means of designing and testing solutions to problems

    Art is the application of human creativity and imagination

    Math is the computational language of measurement, pattern, formation and relationships

    Hemingway Elementary School has transformed itself into Ernest Hemingway STEAM School with an integrated, inquiry-based curriculum PK-Grade 8. Much has been accomplished to bring STEAM into curriculum and instructional practices.

    STEAM PK-8

    STEAM is an integrated approach to learning in which science, technology, engineering, art and math are infused into all lessons across the curriculum. Throughout the school year, teachers at Hemingway develop new and exciting projects for the students. Students in grade PreK-Grade 5 are engaged in monthly STEAM Exploration days, and Cross-Grade level weekly 'STEAM buddy' collaboration time.   In the Middle School grades,  Art and Engineering is a core class and our elective offerings have a STEAM focus.  

    The focus throughout the school is to  teach through the lens of STEAM with an emphasis on the 21st century skills of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication.