• Welcome to reading!  We work with small groups of students. Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Hollis work together with classroom teachers to provide productive and targeted reading instruction for all our students. All of our interventions are arranged with the child at the center of our program.

    A very important part of our program for beginning readers is practicing books at home.  Some of our students take home a book bag daily for extra practice (re-reading a book several times) with adults at home. 

    This link gives parents some key pointers of how to read with their child at home:


    The only part I would like to add is that when your child works at a "tricky/new" word, and then wonders if it is correct - YOU give the prompt, "YOU decide.*"  This way, the child is learning and confirming all by themself.  Try to stay neutral and give some time to allow the reader to self-correct - parent does NOTHING!


    *YOU DECIDE by cross-checking:

    1) Does the word MAKE SENSE?  (i.e. is it horse or is it pony?)

    2) Does it SOUND RIGHT?  (Could the book read: "The cowboy rode the horse?"  Do we TALK that way?)

    3) Do ~most of the letters match?  ...even the letters in the middle of the word?...?

    THEN you know if you are corrct or not!  If you are incorrect, re-read and try again!