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    Here's what we are doing right now:


    6th/7th Grade:  Wallaby Botball Robots: Programming them in the C programming language! Coding Dash robots, too!

    5th Grade: Coding Dash Robots
    4th Grade: Coding Dash Robots
    3rd Grade: Coding Dash Robots
    2nd Grade: Coding Dash Robots
    1st Grade: Coding Dash Robots
    Kinder: Magnets


    Engineering Design (TECH) Involves:

    21st Century Skills

    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Communication and Collaboration

    The Design Process

    Technology and Society

    • Ethics
    • Effects on Society

    Standards Based Concepts

    • Energy
    • Information Communication
    • Transportation
    • Manufacturing
    • Construction
    • Medical
    • Agricultural/Biotechnoogy


    Click on the link to the left called 'Curriculum Overview' to see a curriculum overview. 

    Click on the link to the left called 'Standards and Benchmarks Matrix' to see the standards and benchmarks matrix.

    Click on the link to the left called 'Engineering Design Facebook Page' to see the facebook page.






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