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Degrees and Certifications:

MA: Heritage University, Elementary Education

Mrs. Swenke


I attended Central Washington University and received a degree in Outdoor Recreation. My desire was to pursue education, however while studying near the mountains I was drawn to their energy. In 1994, I moved to Sun Valley from Washington use my new degree. I spent my first five years working on the ski patrol and white water guiding in the summer. I treasured those years and learned so much, but my heart longed to teach. Not long after, I returned to college to fulfill that calling. Exuberantly, I have been back in the valley teaching and learning from children for the past 13 years.
"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you found out why." Mark Twain

  • Creating a World of Play: What Children Are Learning

    Our preschool program provides opportunities for each child to grow emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially. Each day children will engage in a variety of learning activities. Intentionally organized learning experiences are  planned to build self-esteem, challenge children's thinking and reasoning skills, encourage healthy relationships with peers and staff, and explore various curriculum topics. Children will spend time in self-directed learning centers that include blocks, dramatic play, math and manipulatives, art, discovery, computers, sand and water table (sensory), and literacy centers.



    Spatial Relationships
    Shape, Color, Size Discrimination
    Balance and Hand-Eye Coordination
    Organization and Sequential Skills
    Problem Solving, Design, and Construction Skills
    Quantity and Number Concepts



    Dramatic Play

    Conflict Resolution (Bringing the Adult World down to size)
    Verbal Skills and Language Development
    Individual Expression and Creativity
    Making Choices and Plans
    Understanding and Expressing Feelings

    Games, Puzzles, and Table Toys

    Perseverance and Self-Control
    Math Skills: Sequencing, Classifying, Estimating, Counting, Comparing, Sorting, Patterns and Shapes
    Visual Discrimination Skills
    Hand-Eye Coordination
    Fine Motor Skills
    Tactile Discrimination
    Distance and Directionality




    Fine Motor Skills
    Creative Representation
    Color, Shape, and Size Relationships
    Individual Expression
    Understanding Symbols
    Bringing Ideas to Life
    Eye Hand Coordination
    Language Development


    Observation and Discovery
    Learning and Testing New Concepts
    Drawing Conclusions and Making Predictions
    Understanding Change and the Natural World
    Cause and Effect
    Identifying Living and Non-living Things


    Logic and Reasoning
    Early Reading/Writing Skills
    Hand Eye Coordination
    Experimenting with Technology
    Cause and Effect
    Classification and Mathematical Reasoning

    Sand and Water Table

    Sensory Exploration and Discovery
    Problem Solving Skills
    Cause and Effect
    Properties of Matter
    Conservation of Matter

    Library and Listening Center

    Language Development
    Sequencing and Story Telling
    Pre-Reading Skills
    Concepts About Print
    Reading for Enjoyment