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  • Welcome to remote Physical Education!  We are so lucky to live in a valley with an abundance of outdoor opportunities!  Please help your child to get 30-60 minutes of physical activity a day!  I will be providing videos and ideas that can be done with household items.  I will also be sending videos of activities that we do in PE class.  Exercise is so important in times of stress so feel free to join in with your child and get a little fun exercise for yourself!  

    Join my Google Classroom with this class code: otydply

    I will add more video links of activities to do at home to stay busy with your family!  

    Bonus Jump Rope Activities!

    It was so awesome that the District provided every student with a jumprope!  We worked on jump rope skills earlier in the year and now you have plenty of time to practice.  Click on the link below for jump rope skills, a book, some songs & rhymes and other fun activities all about jumping!  Now jump for joy because it's the end of the school year!  I can't wait to see you all in the fall!  

    Jump Rope Activities

    May 18th-22nd Last Week of School! 

    Hi all, I love seeing your videos, pictures, emails and hearing your responses to my activities on Seesaw!  Thank you for taking the time to stay active and healthy!  This week I challenge you to a Virtual Field Day!  I have made different Virtual Classrooms for different grade levels!  Below, click on the link for your grade level and try out the activities!  The Virtual Field Day activities were shared nation wide by the amazing group  The second slide has some fun sports specific activities!  Have fun! 

    Virtual Field Day 

    Virtual Field Day  

    May 11th-15th! 

    I hope you all enjoyed the Bike Week activities and scavenger hunt!  This week join me in playing Uno and Bowling.  You will need some items from around the house for the Bowling Games- cups, water bottles, a ball- just make sure it's ok with your mom and dad first!  


    Uno and Bowling

    Rainy Day Activity!

     May 5th Update!

    Hello all, I hope you are healthy and staying active!  Here are some more activities to try out at home!  May 6th is Bike to Anywhere day!  Check out the Bike Week links below to learn more about bike safety and bike maintenance for 3rd-5th graders or listen to some bike stories for Kindergarten -2nd graders!  Check out my bike Scavenger Hunt!  I hope you can all get out for a ride on the 6th and try to complete the Scavenger hunt!!   

    Bike Week K-2 

    Bike Week 3-5

    Bike Scavenger Hunt

    Are you feeling super today?  Try out these Superman workouts!  You can watch the video for your grade level or for another grade level! 

    Have fun and stay strong!  

    PreK & K Superman

    1st & 2nd Superman

    3rd-5th Superman



    Here are some links to videos that I have created

    Chalk Walk

    Spell it Out- Welcome Back

    Spell it out Board

    Warm Up Bingo Board

    Warm Up Bingo Board


    Triple E- Easter Egg Exercise

    Outside Stations

    Pump Park Chalk Walk 

    The link below is a PE Choice board!  It has my videos, other PE teachers' videos, Keystone Gymnastic videos, dance videos and quick brain breaks!  

    PE Choice Board


    Why should I Exercise

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