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    PreK students in circle
    Creating a World of Play: What Children Are Learning

    3 prek students

    Our preschool program provides opportunities for each child to grow emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially. Each day children will engage in a variety of learning activities. Intentionally organized learning experiences are  planned to build self-esteem, challenge children's thinking and reasoning skills, encourage healthy relationships with peers and staff, and explore various curriculum topics. Children will spend time in self-directed learning centers that include blocks, dramatic play, math and manipulatives, art, discovery, computers, sand and water table (sensory), and literacy centers.


    • Spatial Relationships
    • Shape, Color, Size Discrimination
    • Cooperation
    • Balance and Hand-Eye Coordination
    • Organization and Sequential Skills
    • Problem Solving, Design, and Construction Skills
    • Quantity and Number Concepts 

    PreK students

    Dramatic Play

    • Conflict Resolution (Bringing the Adult World down to size)
    • Verbal Skills and Language Development
    • Cooperation
    • Individual Expression and Creativity
    • Making Choices and Plans
    • Understanding and Expressing Feelings


    Games, Puzzles, and Table Toys

    • Perseverance and Self-Control
    • Math Skills: Sequencing, Classifying, Estimating, Counting, Comparing, Sorting, Patterns and Shapes
    • Visual Discrimination Skills
    • Hand-Eye Coordination
    • Fine Motor Skills
    • Tactile Discrimination
    • Distance and Directionality 

    PreK student painting


    • Fine Motor Skills
    • Creative Representation
    • Color, Shape, and Size Relationships
    • Individual Expression
    • Understanding Symbols
    • Bringing Ideas to Life
    • Eye Hand Coordination
    • Language Development

    PreK students at play


    • Observation and Discovery
    • Learning and Testing New Concepts
    • Drawing Conclusions and Making Predictions
    • Understanding Change and the Natural World
    • Cause and Effect
    • Identifying Living and Non-living Things


    • Logic and Reasoning
    • Early Reading/Writing Skills
    • Hand Eye Coordination
    • Experimenting with Technology
    • Cause and Effect
    • Classification and Mathematical Reasoning

    Sand and Water Table

    • Sensory Exploration and Discovery
    • Measurement
    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Cause and Effect
    • Properties of Matter
    • Conservation of Matter

    Library and Listening Center

    • Language Development
    • Comprehension
    • Sequencing and Story Telling
    • Pre-Reading Skills
    • Concepts About Print
    • Reading for Enjoyment


  • Hemingway STEAM School
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