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    The EHSS Visual Arts program provides K–8 students with a broad scope of experiences in a variety of 2D and 3D media, knowledge and use of the Engineering Design Process, the Principles and Elements of Design, as well as examples from world cultures and art history. Each student makes a sketchbook and weekly lessons are designed to sequentially build skills, knowledge and understanding through the grade levels. K-5 students attand art once a week and students in grades 6-8 have Art and Engineering offered as a core class. The Art program gives students opportunities to employ cognitive skills such as divergent thinking, risk taking and making evaluative judgments during the creative problem solving process. Each student at Hemingway STEAM School has an online art portfolio (via Artsonia) where they can save images of their work. This tool allows students and families to see how growth is made in art.

    Typical materials used in the art room include tempera paint, watercolors, collage & mixed media, paper construction, printmaking, photography, weaving, pastel, ceramics and a variety of drawing media. Cultural and historical references integrated into lessons include examples from Da Vinci, Posada, Kahlo, Mattise, Nevelson, Escher, Quesada and a variety of contemporary artists and art processes and movements.

    To see what's going on in the art room please see Miss Danica's Art Room page.


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