Second Grade

  • Our Second Grade team includes dedicated and dynamic teachers.  Our team consists of 2 Regular Education classes and 2 Dual Immersion. We value communication between students, parents, and teachers. We believe in a full partnership between school and home. As a team we work together, integrating curriculum to provide a well balanced education to foster the growth of each student.



    Investigations: Activity based exploratory program using manipulatives to progress from concrete ideas to abstract ideas. Emphasis is on developing multiple strategies, and reasoning mathematical ideas.


    1. Houghton Mifflin: Balanced literacy program that incorporates all different facets of reading-phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency
    2. Guided Reading groups that are homogeneous and flexible.
    3. Centers are used to foster independence, responsibility, and social skills.
    4. Accelerated Reading Program:  Students are tested for a readingrange and comprehension skills.  Students must know first 100 STAR words to participate.

    Spelling and Writing

    1. The spelling program is supplied through the reading program. It consists of spelling patterns.
    2. Six Traits of Good Writing are taught during "Writers' Workshop".
    3. Publishing House:  Students publish books after going through the writing process.

    Science, Social Studies and Health

    1. Foss Kits: Units on Weather, Air, Solids and Liquids, Plants and Animals
    2. Teaming with other second grade teachers: Earth Day, MLK Jr., Presidents Day, Holidays Around the World, etc.
    3. Themes:  communities, families
    4. Field Trips to support the curriculum:  Community Walk, Sun Valley Center for the Arts (SVCA), Sawtooth National Recreational Area (SNRA)
    5. Health is supported in P.E., Nurture, and by the Social Worker.


  • Ernest Hemingway STEAM School
  • Hemingway STEAM School
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