Idaho Common Core

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    Idaho Core Standards:
    Higher Standards to 
    Prepare Every Idaho Student

    While Idaho students perform well academically in grades K-12, too many students graduate from high school unprepared for the rigors of college, professional-technical education, or the workforce. Currently, only 46% of Idaho students go on to some form of education after high school. Of those who choose to go on, nearly half must take remedial courses once they get there. Idaho is not alone. Other states face the same challenge. 

    What are the Standards?

    States took the lead to develop new academic standards in the core subject areas of mathematics and English language arts that are higher, more in depth, and comparable with any other country in the world.

    These new Idaho Core Standards will make sure every Idaho student graduates from high school wit the knowledge and skills they need to succeed whether a student chooses to go on to college, professional-technical school, the workforce or the military after high school. The Idaho Core Standards will improve Idaho's public education system and boost the state's economy. 

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    What's Different About the Standards?

    English Language Arts and Literacy:

    1. Students will read challenging texts in every class. They will continue to read classic literature, stories, and poems in English class, but they also will be challenged with studying and analyzing non-fiction texts in all subject areas as well.
    2. Students must use evidence from the multiple texts in their oral presentations or written papers.
    3. Students will learn an increased vocabulary across all grade levels.


    1. Students will work more deeply in fewer topics.
    2. Students will understand why the math works and be asked to talk about and prove their understanding.
    3. Students will be asked to use math in real-world problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

    A New ISAT

    In Spring 2015, Idaho will transition to a new statewide assessment to measure students against the new Idaho Core Standards. Because the standards are higher, we know it will take students a few years to master them and reach grade-level proficiency.