Welcome to Fourth Grade! 




    First Semester STEAM Theme: Systems



    Place value, algorithm for addition and subtraction, and beginning multiplication


    Developing a Paragraph and Writing a Personal Narrative


    Rocks and Minerals, Electricity, and Environments


    Creating Story Maps and integrating a variety of reading strategies

    Idaho History

    Getting to know Idaho: symbols, land features, rivers, counties, and economy


    Digestive System


    Second Semester STEAM Theme: Then and Now



    Fractions, geometry, decimals, measurement, and problem solving using all four operations


    Persuasive and descriptive paragraphs, report writing



    Healthy choices, nutrition, social and emotion health


    Comparing and contrasting texts using a variety of genres, a poetry unit, and a historical fiction unit.

    Idaho History

    Idaho Indians, Mountain Men, Lewis and Clark, Oregon Trail, Gold Rush, and Idaho Government

    Fourth Grade is filled with many opportunities to explore what life was like as pioneers began moving west and settling in Idaho.

    1. Wagons Ho- a full fun-filled day of pioneer chores

    2. Mountain Man presentation- Scott Grizzly Sorensen visits the fourth grade with wild stories of his “Mountain Man” lifestyle.

    3. Field trip to the Idaho State Capitol building and Idaho Historical Museum


    Fourth Grade Expectations


    Come to school ready to learn

    Follow school rules ad procedures

    Be kind to yourseld and your classmates

    Read 30 minutes 5 nights a week and fill in a reading log

    Math homework - usually Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights

    Know math facts - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division  



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