Image of art teacher holding a large shrinky dink eye ball over one of her eyes.

What's Happening in the Art Room?

  • We have such talented artists here at Hemingway STEAM School! Check out student work on our Artsonia page!

    Here is what we are currently working on in the art room:

    Kindergarteners are exploring shapes and how to make art that is symmetrical.

    First graders are exploring shapes through creating cut paper collages inspired by Picasso's "Three Musicians".

    Second graders are close to finishing a multi-stepped lesson inspired by the communities project they did in their classrooms. Students designed a dream house and translated their drawings into foam stamps. After printing their stamps on fabric in a variety of colors, students will turn their flat prints into 3D soft sculptures.

    Third graders are finishing their one-point perspective drawings of exterior spaces and about to start their shape investigation by connecting math and art.

    Forth graders are finishing their realistic portraits of people they are interested in and about to start a design challenge focused on shape and form.

    Fifth graders are finishing their one-point perspective drawings of interior spaces and about to start a design challenge inspired by the book Not a Box, by Antoinette Portis.

    Seventh & Eighth graders are making amazing 3D masks. Students are exploring materials like paper-mache, plaster cast, recycled materials and foam sheets to transform into masks that convey a feeling or mood. Some are even wearable and it is so fun seeing how they change from week to week!

    In other news....

    STEAM Night was a blast! Thank you to everyone who came out and participated!