Art Effort Grade Rubric

  • Specials Effort Grade Rubric: Art

    • Focused and engaged
    • Listens and follows directions
    • Follows the rules
    • Respects people and property
    • Cooperates with others
    • Perseveres

    E / 5    = No reminders

    S+ / 4  = Very few reminders

    S / 3    = Few reminders

    S- / 2   = Needs reminders

    N / 1    = Needs frequent reminders

    U / 0    = Constant reminders


    How it works:

    Students begin each specials class with 3 points each day. If you follow the rules and only need 1 or 2 reminders you will keep your 3 points. If you only need 1 or 2 reminders and you generally help out without being reminded you will earn another point. If you don't need any reminders and are super kind, safe and helpful you will end class with 5 points. If you need reminders (more than 2) or you forget the rules more than once you will lose a point. If you continue to forget the rules or need frequent reminders you will lose another point and end with 1 point. If you do something drastic to break the rules (after many reminders) you will lose all of your points for the day. Grades will reflect an average of daily points.