Letter of Rec Image
  • It's mandatory that you request your LOR formally through Scoir. You will not have access to do so until we return to school in August. 


    Some schools, scholarships, or programs require a letter of recommendation (LOR) and some do not. Be sure to confirm what your needs are!

    Teacher vs. Counselor LOR:

    • Teachers write from the vantage point of the classroom, providing a view of your intellectual curiosity, creative thought, thoughts, and work habits as a learner.
    • Counselors show how you contribute to your school community, providing details on academic achievements, interests, goals, and any special circumstances that impact(ed) you. 
      • Your College Counselor will be writing your Counselor recommendation.
  • How to request a LOR:

    1. Complete a Letter of Rec Form / Brag Sheet
      • There is a separate form for teachers and for counselors
    2. Make a formal request in Scoir
      • The request must be one-month prior to the deadline you need the LOR
      • You must include the link to your LOR Form in the formal request
      • Pro Tip: Link these documents in your Scoir Drive as well!