• CURRENT SENIORS: Your official final transcripts have been sent to the college you marked as "ENROLLING" in Scoir. Your official in-progress transcripts have been sent to the college(s) you marked as "APPLIED" in Scoir.
    • WRHS GRADUATES (Alumni): Official Transcript Requests can be made here.
    • CURRENT WRHS STUDENTS: Email your Career & College Counselor.



    To have the opportunity to earn credit at your chosen college from dual credit coursework taken in high school, you must order an official transcript from the college you took your course from. Your high school transcript will not do!



    To request your transcript, you will need:

    1. Your full given name
    2. Your college ID number
    3. Form of payment (each transcript will have a fee associated with ordering it)

    How to find your college ID number:

    1. Your college ID can be found in your Dual Enroll account.
      • Go here to log into your CSI Dual Enroll account
      • Go here to log into your CWI Dual Enroll account
      • Log-in credentials are the same for both sites
    2. Once logged in, select "Profile" at the top, then select "Academics" on the right 
      • The ID will be shown on the "Academics" page


    • You can always contact the college directly, letting them know you're a dual credit student in search of your college ID number.

    College of Southern Idaho (CSI) - order transcript here

      • Possible WRHS Courses with CSI:
        1. Medical Technology (ALLH 100) - 2 credits
        2. Medical Terminology (ALLH 101) - 2 credits
        3. Certified Nuirsing Assistant (ALLH 102) - 6 credits
        4. Human Structure and Function plus Lab (BIOL 105 & BIOL 105L) - 4 credits
        5. Personal Finance (FINA 102) - 3 credits
        6. College Algebra (MATH 143) - 3 credits
        7. Trigonometry (MATH 144) - 2 credits
        8. Pre Calculus (MATH 147) - 5 credits
        9. Statistical Reasoning (MATH 153) - 3 credits
        10. Business Applications (BUSA 215) - 3 credits

    College of Western Idaho (CWI) - order transcript here

      • Possible WRHS Courses with CWI:
        1. Writing & Rhetoric 1 (ENGL 101), aka the first term of "College English"   - 3 credits
        2. Literature & Ideas (ENGL 175), aka the second term of "College English"   - 3 credits
        3. Introduction to Chemistry (CHEM 101 and 101L) - 4 credits



    Want to know if your college will “take” your dual credit courses, will these credits transfer? Visit your future college’s course equivalency page. Still can’t find it? Check with your school’s Office of the Registrar for more information.