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  • We started November with spooky games to finish out the week of Halloween.  We have moved on to Speed Stacking.  This is a great activity for hand eye coordination, muscle memory, concentration and perseverence!  We are learning different stacking patterns and playing games like Stackers and Blasters and Stack Tag.  Next week we will participate in the Stack Up! Challenge.  This is a worldwide challenge to get the most people cup stacking in different locations across the globe.  The goal this year is 750,000+ stackers!

    If your child is interested in continuing to cup stack at home, I have cups and timer mats for purchase at school.  This is a fundraiser for the PE program.  We earn up to 20% of the proceeds to purchase more speed stack equipment!  This could be a great holiday gift for your kiddo!  

    Sport StackingPrice listNovember is well underway!  We began

  • The school year is underway and we have been having a blast in PE!  Students of all ages have been learning and practicing the Husky Habits in the gym!  Gratitude, Respect, Perseverance and Safety are at the forefront of all we do here at Hemingway! 

    We started the school year learning the expectations in the gym and working on respect, teamwork and sportsmanship!  The Husky's new favorite warm up game is "Skittles". Ask your child about this cardio pumping game!  We have also been targeting tossing, throwing and catching standards with games like Flip the Hoop, Partner Collect the Treasure and Team Collect the Treasure! 

    K-2 are going to have fun with Fire Safety activities and then we'll move on to Halloween games and activities! 

    3-5 will play invasion games and then move on to Halloween games and activities.  

    Always feel free to reach out if you would like more information about the skills we are working on in PE!

  • Many Thanks to the Hemingway Parents Auxiliary for the new shoes!  Now, if your kids forget their shoes, we have sizes 11-5 for kids to borrow!

    New shoes

2024 is here!

  • Climbing the ropes is a favorite activity for kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade!  This year, students put their names on a piece of tape and took it up the rope to hang on the rafters, marking their accomplishment.  Kids also love to swing on the ropes like Tarzan!  We have had a great week climbing, swinging, jumping, spinning and balancing!  Check out the slideshow.

  • To start off the new year, students at EHSS have been playing scooter hockey and floor hockey.  We have worked on passing, shooting, puck handling and games, like Piarate Hockey to practice these skills. We will continue with more games next week!  

    Para empezar el nuevo año, los alumnos de EHSS han estado jugando al hockey sobre patines y al hockey sobre hierba.  Hemos trabajado en el pase, tiro, manejo del disco y juegos, como el hockey Piarate para practicar estas habilidades. ¡Continuaremos con más juegos la semana que viene!


    We are ending November learning about the 5 Components of Fitness.  Students in 3-5th grade will have a jogging pre "test" the first week of December (PLEASE SEND RUNNING SHOES!).  20 minutes of class will be allotted to jogging laps.  Students will record how long they are able to jog without stopping.  Our goal is for students to maintain or increase their cardiorespiratory endurance throughout the school year.  The younger students will work on balance and coordination with obstacle courses and tumbling.