• Time for Pedals

    The pedals are on and there have been new bike riders everyday!  The kids are so excited to be pedaling around the gym!  The excitement level is high as kids cheer each other on and learn to ride!  I'm so grateful for all the donors who helped to make this program happen for the kids at Hemingway STEAM School! 

    Gabriel has got it!

    Sophia is riding!

    Kindergarten is cruising!


    Since school started students have worked to answer two essential questions in PE: How do we interact with others in PE? and How can we move our bodies given a specific purpose?  To answer these questions students have participated in team building games, soccer, football skills and dodgeball!  Students have improved their throwing accuracy and strength as well as their cardiovascular endurance and strength.  Each class has had great participation and students continue to improve their sportsmanship.  Our next essential question is, How can we move effectively and efficiently?  To answer this question we will practice cup stacking, scooters, tumbling activities and lots of games.

    Mrs. Flavin with the first Strider bike in our fleet of 20!

      Kindergarten and First grade students will also have a chance to answer this question by riding bikes with our new Strider Bikes and bike riding curriculum.  

    Our bikes arrived today, Friday November 15th!  Next week, the Kindergarten classes will help to build their bikes!  We will be riding after Thanksgiving break!